Year Two Engine Testing at NC State

The dyno

Over the last several months of Year Two, NC State EcoCAR 2 team members Matt Perrault and Kendal Hudson prepared to test the team’s engine in a new test engine bay laboratory. Their first assignment was to familiarize themselves with the test engine bay and the motor they would be using to create the eddy-current dyno set-up in the near future.

Ongoing tasks included the machining of a new coupler to connect the Kubota V1505-T 1.5 liter i-4 turbo diesel motor to the eddy-current dyno. The original coupler was made of low-grade aluminum and was not strong enough to handle the torque loads supplied by the eddy-current dyno. A new coupler was modeled based on the original coupler, but with a new Woodruff key feature to enhance stability and change the material to 1018 steel as depicted in the rendering below. The last ongoing task was to place an order for tool sets, tool chests, miscellaneous shop necessities and a new Kubota V1505-T fuel pump.

Coupler render

During Year Two, the team also worked to mount the adapter, upgrade the existing lab computer to handle the dyno software and create a wiring harness to transmit and receive data during testing. Matt, Kendal and other NCSU team members will work to refine these enhancements throughout Year Three!