You Know You’re An EcoCAR 3 Participant When…

Sixteen universities compete in EcoCAR 3, a four-year competition sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and General Motors. While students come from all over North America, we do have some uniting characteristics.

If you find yourself nodding “oh yes” to any of the following statements, you might just be an EcoCAR 3 participant!

  1. You can be woken up at 3am and you’d still perfectly belt out “EcoCAR 3 is a four year engineering competition sponsored by GM and the US Department of Energy…..”
  2. You never get tired of casually slipping a “Yeah there’s going to be a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro in our lab no big deal” into any conversation.
  3. You attend somewhere around 3,000 meetings per week.
  4. You think about taking revenge on football losses by competing with those schools at final competition.
  5. You forget your friends’ birthdays, but can recite all of your yearly deliverables by heart.
  6. Your friends find that YouTube video of you speaking about your team and they keep referencing it all the time, “Hey does this pizza look like a real world, hands-on experience that is unattainable in a classroom environment?”
  7. Your friends love all the free stuff you get from workshops and competitions!
  8. You get to travel the country (Columbus, Austin, Seattle, Boston, & Yuma).
  9. You re-read the rules for the hundredth time and realize that there is something that you haven’t addressed in your report due tomorrow.
  10. You think it is perfectly fine to practice your presentation by talking to yourself in a room full of strangers.
  11. It’s not a charger, it’s the BRUSA. It’s not the battery pack, it’s A123.
  12. You thought you could actually get work done over break.
  13. You know that the only sensible choice for a hybrid Camaro is a V8.
  14. Your friends ask you when is the car coming and all you can say is soon (waiting patiently).
  15. You found the sponsor social to be way more productive than any expo ever has been.
  16. You’re never done. It’s a continuum.
  17. Writing these has started to worry you about the deadlines…

The above is as told by Pramit Baul, the electrical team lead of the Virginia Tech EcoCAR 3 team. Originally from Kolkata, India, Pramit is in his second year of graduate school at VT with plans to graduate this spring. In his free time, Pramit enjoys bike riding and trying new things.VirginiaTech_YouKnowYoureAnEcoCAR3ParticipantWhen_Image2